Welcome, friends and bunnies, to the most eggciting game you've ever seen!  

More info:

Are you ready for the Easter days? Well, if you aren't, this game will bring you in the mood in no time!

With up to five players on five Windows PCs all over the world, your goal is to collect as many eggs as possible. But you need to be fast, because your fellow players won't hesitate to snatch them right from under your nose!

There are plenty of different tactics how to win, combined with many interesting game modes depending on how much eggs are on the map, how much eggs every player needs and how much time all of you have.

With customizable names, colors and many more small funny features, the game will bring you and your friends & family a bunch of joy for the Easter days. 


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So what you're waiting for? 3...2...1...Eggtion!

Click above to watch a bit of gameplay.

It was eggtually fun. :)